Andre is Co-Owner and Managing Partner of Solutions Counseling Group, here in Little Rock. The staff consists of male and female clinicians of color, with the insight and experience to serve the unique needs of a typically underserved population. Andre has a particular passion for helping brothers become their optimal selves. He wants every black men to come to know, "You are not broken, you are just not yet your best self."
André s vast experience includes work with couples (including LGBTQ), individuals, youth and adolescents, individuals without homes, and a myriad of other individual therapeutic interventions. His passion is helping to heal relationships, whether romantic, family, or even professional. Whether you are looking for a brief, solution-focused interventions, long-range therapy, or even intermittent relationship “tune-ups”, André remains passionate, supportive, and non-judgmental, as you seek to heal.  Andre is also a clinical trauma professional.
Additionally, he has begun gaining attention in various parts of the country as a sought out voice to speak on and speak to issues related to social, political, and mental health within the black community.
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