I first became familiar with misattributed parentage in 2017 with the discovery that I had an MPE myself. The emotions that I felt were unexpected, and led to feeling alone because no one around me understood what I was going through. What I learned through this experience is that there are others out there like me, and that there is hope and healing through this journey. I look forward to traveling and supporting you on your NPE journey.

The impact of the discovery varies depending on the individual and the circumstances that surround it. For some, feelings of betrayal, loss, trauma, anger and/or grief may follow. Support from someone who understands can guide the client to healing after the discovery.

Using the Parental Identity DiscoveryTM approach, integrating a combination of EMDR, grief, trauma-informed, attachment, and family system skills to support the Non-Paternal Event, I work with my clients to assimilate the unexpected changes in their identity, mood, and family dynamics, increasing coping skills, and self-actualization.

I currently practice in Texas, working in private practice. I see clients in the office, and also through telehealth. With 17 years of counseling experience, my goal is for my clients to find hope, peace, and joy.
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Carla is licensed in the state of Texas.

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