Supervised by Brandi Smith, MA, LPCS

I have a soft spot for working with MPE/NPE clients as they navigate their surprise DNA discoveries, late discovery adoptions and donor conceived experiences. This passion to help comes from discovering that I have a MPE myself. I understand the emotions that ensue from a experience such as making an unexpected finding. I have worked through this journey extensively and can help you in whatever part of the process you’re in. I focus on bringing awareness to your value and importance of identity as well as processing heavy emotions and forming meaning as you build upon this experience. I would consider it a privilege to journey with you.

Cotey received his MA in Counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary and currently practices at New Heights Counseling in Texas. Please reach out today for a free consult.

Cotey is licensed in the state of Texas and at times, is able to gain counseling privileges with other states upon request. He began N/MPE Counseling Collective as he saw a need for helping connect the N/MPE community to N/MPE competent therapists.

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  • 303 N. Carroll Blvd, Suite 114, Denton, Texas, 76201, USA
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