Erika Schmitt is a social worker licensed in the state of Pennsylvania. Erika’s background is in adoption and she is also Director of Adoption & Permanency at The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh & Lemieux Family Center. As the agency’s counseling services were expanding beyond post-adoption work, and Erika became aware of the need for counseling for those affected by third party reproduction, she added counseling services specific to donor conceived individuals and those considering becoming a recipient parent in third party reproduction. Erika’s background in adoption, along with her comprehensive training in trauma and grief over the past 14 years, allow her to easily connect with individuals struggling with aspects related to their genetic identity. Erika further has enjoyed learning from her practice with donor conceived individuals as well. Erika has also provided counseling for infertility, giving her a well rounded view of the full picture of adoption and donor conception.

The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh was one of the first area agencies to embrace open adoption and we take pride in how we educate our birth and adoptive families as to the importance of a child knowing their genetic parentage. We take the same philosophy in working with those considering third party reproduction, offering counseling and educational services to help them understand and think through the decisions they will be making and the impact that will have on their child. We also have a program providing research and reunion services and counseling to adopted individuals wishing to seek out their birth family. We help prepare them for this journey, which brings many of them joy, heartbreak, and surprises. With overseeing all of these services and continuing her practice as a counselor in this realm, Erika is sensitive and qualified to work with an individual experience a NPE.

Erika’s therapeutic style is based upon the need of each individual client, and emphasizes the importance of the therapeutic relationship first and foremost. Erika can provide counseling services in person, in the Pittsburgh, PA area, or by telehealth to any Pennsylvania resident.

Erika is licensed in the state of Pennsylvania.

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