I discovered my MPE status after my sister and I tested in 2019. The numbers were off and I realized that I had no matches on my birth certificate father’s side. I was mostly hurt that I would not be inheriting Dad’s longevity since he lived to be nearly 100 years old. My younger brother had died just a year earlier so my own mortality was on my mind when I decided to research my biological family history. I then realized that my mother had been an MPE as well, raised by her grandmother and never having a relationship with her own mother. That has helped me to understand the MPE experience with added depth. We had taken her family history for granted. I have since researched her family and discovered generations of trauma and loss that was passed down to me. That historical research has been most healing, as the strange feelings I had since childhood began to make more sense. I am currently working on a memoir tentatively titled “My Mother’s Ghosts.”
John is licensed in the state of Pennsylvania.
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