Pam Cordano is a Psychotherapist who specializes in rekindling the human spirit following a life-altering event. For 27 years she has worked with individuals, couples, families and groups touched by illness, loss, and difficult life transitions. Inspired by Viktor Frankl, she is passionate about the power of identifying and embodying what is uniquely meaningful, which allows for increased vitality and new possibilities.

Pam has spent her life looking for openings in seemingly impossible situations, because when it came right down to it, staying open to new possibilities appeared to be the only choice she had. Open or die.

Her life started with substantial loss, and finding her place in “the family of things” has been a journey of hard work, courage when she could find it, and the many gifts of “wild geese,” which called her to open, to try again, to stay in life, to risk connection when old voices told her to run and hide.

Pam is passionate about accompanying others as they face seemingly impossible situations in their lives, whether it be a diagnosis, a significant loss, or a bewildering transition. When our lives become unrecognizable and our vision narrows, it is very difficult to see a viable path ahead, much less a meaningful or joyful path.

Pam is licensed in the state of California.

California USA

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