Tori has been practicing in her field for over four years. She graduated from Florida Atlantic University with Honors, specializing in self-discovery and interpersonal conflict. She uses a compassion-focused and strength-based approach to uncover and process your self-discovery journey.

You've spent years trying to better understand your family of origin and always felt something was "off" or "different". Once you discovered more about your conception things started to make sense, yet there were so many questions left unanswered. Do you question Nature Vs. Nurture and how it played a role in who you are today? Do you ever wonder what it would have been like to be raised by a biological parent rather than a social or legal parent? Do you feel like you're not accepted by one of your nonbiological parents or as a parent do you struggle to connect with your nonbiological child/children?

Grief, loss, shame, guilt, and anger are just some of the emotions that frequently make an appearance as you undergo self-discovery. It can be scary and overwhelming, especially if you feel like you have nowhere to turn. Therapy can help.

Tori offers telehealth services for Florida residents and in-person sessions for individuals living in South Florida.

Tori is licensed in the state of Florida.

Florida USA

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