1. What is your experience working with MPEs? Are you familiar with the term?

  2. What specific populations with an MPE have you worked with?

  3. How much experience do you have working with the unique issues of MPEs?

  4. Are you familiar with the term “DNA Surprise” and what that entails?

  5. What is your background in terms of trauma-related therapy?

  6. What literature would you recommend in order to learn more about the issues inherent to MPEs?

  7. Since little is mentioned about MPEs in graduate programs, have you received “post-graduate certification” in a competency area that is related to MPE issues?

  8. Do you attend conferences with topics and/or concerns related to MPEs?

  9. What are your thoughts on people with an MPE right to know their genetic identity?

  10. What is your experience working with clients reuniting with their genetic families? (Do you support search & reunion?)

  11. What is your experience and thoughts about minor children or adults meeting their genetic parents?

  12. Do you know of any local support groups or resources that would benefit someone with an MPE?